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Welcome to a chronicle of chronic inspiration. Here you’ll find insider access to all of the strategies + support to keep you nourished, motivated, and empowered.


Consider co-hosts Shanna and Alene your new autoimmune besties. Each week they share their personal stories, expert tips on what to eat, lifestyle hacks as well as inspiration so you can find greater ease in managing your autoimmune disease.


Tap into your inner chef (but, like, one who doesn’t have hours and hours to cook), and taste how delicious it can be to feed yourself. These recipes are as tasty as they are healing and that’s a combo worthy of a second helping.

Newly Diagnosed

This is your home base for an understanding of MS, autoimmunity, and the Wahls Protocol. All written in a way that makes sense (no confusing, over-complicated verbiage here).

Shop My Faves

This is everything I have tested and loved –from the best natural remedies to kitchen gadgets to green cleaners and non-toxic skincare and beauty products.

Essential Oils

Here’s a fun and easy ways to ditch the chemicals and bring on the all-natural products for home, bath, and beauty—DIY style. I’m talkin’ detox masks, natural remedies and green cleaning.

Community & Events

Join the MS Independent squad and experience life-altering support, radical healing, and of course, laughter.

Wahls Protocol

Discover the science behind which is the best diet to follow for autoimmune disease and the stories of hope that inspire and motivate.

LPMT eBooks

A great way to start small and dip your toe (err, eyes?) in the food-as-medicine pool.
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