Essential Oils

I was a skeptic.

Essential oils smelled nice, but could they really do anything for my health?

The only way to know for sure was to try them for myself.

How it Started

I wanted more natural ways to support my sleep and cut the edge of migraines (if they were up for the challenge).

How it’s Going

Now, years later, I don’t go a single day without using my oils.

I turn to them for…

  • Natural remedies to chronic ailments
  • Reducing the toxic load in my home with DIY green cleaning
  • Support to my emotional health
  • And SO much more!

While they may feel like a bit of a mystery to many of us, they are all around us.

Essential oils come from the petals of flowers like lavender and rose.

They’re in the rind of our citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges.

And in the leaves of our culinary herbs.

They’re in roots like ginger.

And in the bark of many trees too like cedarwood.

Essential oils are all around us.

And if you’re like me, you’ll be blown away but how much that can enhance your health.

Will they cure autoimmune disease?


There is no cure for autoimmune disease – not even diet.

However, essential oils can serve as a natural tool to manage many of the symptoms that hold us back when living with a chronic illness. 

Are you ready to get started with essential oils?

If you’re ready to jump right in to getting oils into your home, you can skip right down to the bottom of this page for the instructions on how to order your starter kit today!

If you’re newer to essential oils or simply want to learn a bit more about them for now, here are some great resources to get you started.

Essential Oils & Autoimmune Disease

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016, I immediately knew that I wanted to include essential oils in my healing and self care.

While I was familiar with using them with migraines that I struggled with over the years, I had absolutely no clue how to use them to help me manage this chronic illness.

What was more frustrating is that the information available – even on the big world wide web – was slim. So, I started gathering information myself.

Over the years, I have found that while essential oils are tremendously helpful to manage the symptoms of autoimmune disease – there is no one protocol that works for everyone.

Especially with a “snowflake disease” like Multiple Sclerosis – which manifest so differently in each person – it’s important to gain an understanding of how and why essential oils work and create your protocol from there.

Here are some resources to get started today.

Living the Wahls Lifestyle with Essential Oils interview with Dr. Terry Wahls

Supporting Emotions Through Essential Oils interview with Dr. Terry Wahls

Essential Oils and MS interview on the FUMS Podcast

Why doTERRA?

doTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world. They source their essential oils in a way that is sustainable for the environment, supportive to farmers and delivers certified pure therapeutic grade oils. doTERRA is also conducting the most research on essential oils and partnering with healthcare providers around the world.

All of this is 100% true.

But for me, it’s the culture that I love most about doTERRA. As a member of doTERRA you enter into a family of people around the world who are finding natural solutions for them and their family. You will have the opportunity to tap into the knowledge of more than seven million people around the world. And of course, I’ll be by your side guide you along as well.

How to save 25% on doTERRA essential oils

A doTERRA wholesale membership gives you 25% off retail price. You can purchase as much or as little as you want – whenever you want.

There is no obligation to purchase monthly.

There are two ways to receive wholesale pricing. You can purchase a starter kit and receive a free wholesale member for a full year. Or you can simply pay the wholesale membership fee of $35 for the year and receive wholesale pricing on your very first order.

Each year your membership will automatically renew. (If you don’t want to renew, simply call doTERRA and they’ll cancel your membership.) Your renewal is $25 and with it you’ll receive a free bottle of peppermint essential oil.

How to Order Essential Oils


Healthy Home Kit

This kit is ideal to quickly transform your home with toxin-free products for bath, beauty and cleaning. You’ll also receive doTERRA’s top 10 essential oils (15mL full-sized bottles) which can support your and your family’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Order Healthy Home Kit

Healthy Essentials Kit

This kit includes full sized bottles of the most requested essential oils so you can address all areas of your health and the Petal diffuser. This kit gives you the variety of oils to manage you and your family’s  health as well as the ability to create natural products for your home.

Order Healthy Essentials Kit

Healthy Start Kit

This is a great way to start with doTERRA’s top 10 essential oils (5mL bottles) and Brevi diffuser. This mini kit is a great way to try out essential oils with your family and in your home.

Order Healthy Start Kit

Custom Kit

You also have the freedom to create your own custom kit. Select “Become a Member” and simply add the “wholesale membership” to your cart and add any products you’d like to receive to your cart at wholesale price.



Select “Become a member” in the top navigation bar

Select “Wholesale Customer”

Select Region & Language

Enter your contact information and make sure you see my name & pic at the bottom of the page (if you don’t enter my ID# 721407)

Select your starter kit

Add any additional oils/products you’d like (Copaiba is one of my favorites!)

Enter payment & shipping info

Get ready for your oils to arrive!


Once you’re enrolled with me, you’ll receive:

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in my wholesale membership?

As a wholesale member you’ll receive 25% off retail price of doTERRA essential oils. A wholesale membership is included with the purchase of a starter kit, or you can simply pay a $35 enrollment fee to have immediate access to wholesale pricing. As a wholesale member you’ll have access to doTERRA special offers throughout the year – including a product of the month sale as well as the opportunity to receive points for any order you make the you can later cash in for free products. (This is how I are grew my oil collection.)


What’s the difference between a wholesale membership and wellness advocate?

A wholesale membership give you access to wholesale pricing. A wellness advocate has access to wholesale pricing as well as the ability to sell doTERRA essential oils. I highly encourage you to start with a wholesale membership. Use the oils and if after about three months you want to explore building it as a business, I’m happy to chat and we can upgrade your account at that time.


Do I have to place a monthly order?

No, you are in complete control of what and when you order. You are never required to place a monthly order as a wholesale customer.

If you start falling in love with the oils like I did and choosing to place a monthly order, there is a rewards program that offers discounts beyond your wholesale membership, free products and free shipping. It’s completely optional and you can opt-in and out as it works best for you. I’m happy to share more about this program after you receive your first order and start feeling comfortable with those oils.


How will I know how to use the oils?

There’s often so much excitement when that first order arrives on your doorstep… and then the questions comes, “I got my oils, now what?”

No worries, I got you covered. When your first order arrives, we hop on the phone to unpack it together and create a personalized plan for you to maximize their use. Beyond that I connect you with resources that will support you in knowing how to use them as needs come up in your home. By placing your order through me, I offer monthly live education sessions to my community. I can also connect you into an online community of fellow doTERRA essential oilers around the world who share ideas, recipes and resources to further support you on your journey.

I hope this answers all of your questions, but if I left anything out or if you simply want to talk before placing your first order, send me a message.

I’m excited for you to join the team and for you to start your oil journey!

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