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Developing My MS Mantra

Getting diagnosed with a chronic illness – a neurological degenerative one at that – is not easy. The mind can travel to all the “what-if” scenarios. (There are many and they’re quite elaborate!)

I had BIG dreams for my future. Did I now need to scale them back? I had to be realistic, right?

Then I realized I had a choice, focus on the fear or focus on the positive.

The real reality is that nobody has guaranteed health in this world. I simply needed to educate myself on the disease – as awful as it may be – but equally as important, I needed to get my mind onboard with my healing journey.

Thoughts are powerful. They can be nourishing nectar or toxic poison.

I wanted nourishing nectar!

I was not alone in developing the right mindset.

I recently featured among several other MS Thrivers in the Healthline article, “My MS Mantra: 7 Influencers Share What Keeps Them Strong.

Hop on over to their site to read the full article here.

I hope it inspires you to create your own mantra. If you do, I’d love to hear your mantra! Comment below or drop me a line at

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