If we’re looking to change foods on our plates, we have to be savvy shoppers. Much of that starts with knowing what’s in the food you’re purchasing. Learn how to read labels to understand […]
Ready to incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods into your diet? Check this video out for some quick and easy ways to get started. […]
The Wahls Protocol is not just another paleo diet. In fact, it’s not just a diet at all. It’s a clinically based food prescription and lifestyle program to address the root cause of autoimmune […]
Are you scratching your throbbing head as to what is triggering those awful migraines? While the direct cause is still a little foggy in the mind of researchers, the food on your plate could […]
It was Sunday afternoon, which for Farmer Kevin Flaim, meant he had just a few short hours out of the entire week to rest. Yet this week he generously traded those hours in to […]
Food is Medicine. Yoga Transforms. The Body Heals. I experienced these three truths first hand. I changed my diet. I change my lifestyle. I changed my migraines. And that changed my life. It sparked […]
After much research in the personal lab of pint-sized me, I started to identify the migraine troublemakers. It was time to kick them to the curb. What were my migraine triggers and where had […]

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