It’s one of the most popular questions I’ve been getting lately – are the 9 Cups in the Wahls Protocol measured raw or cooked?

And what about our international friends who don’t use cups as their form of measurement. How do they ensure that they’re getting the right amount?

Let’s get you some answers!

First, the 9 cups are measured raw and then you can do whatever you want with it afterwards. You can leave it raw or you can cook it, but it’s measured in its raw state.

Leafy greens should be tightly packed.

Now for our international friends that don’t use cups as their form of measurement.

Here’s an easy guide for you.

If you cover your dinner plate in veggies, that equivalent to 3 cups of veggies.

Or you could divide your plate into quarters having a spot for each of the following categories.

All of this said, while the 9 cups are the cornerstone of the Wahls Protocol, that measurement was selected not just for the nutritional content but also to help keep you full.

Now it would be impossible to have a precise measurement of food for every person – every body type.

Dr. Wahls has stated that is someone is more petite and is simply too stuffed consuming 9 cups, you can reduce it to 6 cups. You still need equal ratios across the three categories.

For example, the individual would then have 2 cups leafy greens 2 cups color and 2 cups sulfur.

This is appropriate based on an individual’s size and appetite.

However, this doesn’t apply if you’re filling up on other foods and that’s why you don’t have the appetite for veggies.

For example, you can’t have gluten free bread and pasta and then say you’re too full to eat the veggies.

You may need to gradually work up to the 9 cups but do your best to always prioritize the 9 cups at every meal or snack.

I’ll leave you with this reminder as well, it may seem like a chore or even punishment to have to eat 9 cups of veggies, but the beauty of it is, you will experience a level of health that you likely didn’t even realize was possible.

Symptoms begin to fade and if you’re like me and many other Wahls Warriors, you find yourself feeling better now than even before your autoimmune diagnosis.

So, I challenge you today, how can you fit one more serving of veggies into your day?